Hotel Murder Game

This hotel murder game is quite atmospheric and not overly complicated and will probably appeal to fans of the film noire genre. You play the role of a private investigator who receives an invitation from a former lover to meet her in a hotel without further explanation save for the fact she believes she's in some form of danger. You duly arrive and are surprised to find it seemly deserted with just one employee to be found, and that one employee is expecting you. This is chapter one of the game (chapter 2 below) and you start by clicking on the screen to make our detective walk along until he reaches the hotel. You ring the bell in the hotel's reception but nothing happens so keep clicking on the far left of the screen until the hotel lift is revealed. Click on the hotel worker who will call the lift then enter. What happens next? Well, that's for you to investigate! After you play this hotel murder game, why not check out and play our other online detective and murder games?

Part II

Private Investigator Game

This private investigator game starts where episode one, the hotel murder game breaks off and you're still shocked to see the corpse of your former lover lying dead on the ground. Can you discover the answer as to why Lily wanted to see you and why everything is now so dark and forlorn?

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Masterpiece Murders

In this murder case detective game you get a phone call from a downtown landlord about a possible homicide in one of his apartments. You then enter the apartment and find a corpse by the window.

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