Interactive Detective Game

We love this interactive detective game because not only does it have a good back story, but its a race against time to solve the crime, a crime of murder. You play the role of a detective hoping to identify the murderer of an eminent doctor but your boss is eager to pull you off the case and hand it to his ambitious nephew whose looking for promotion. What's more, the suspect has escaped from custody and the newspapers are onto the case adding to the pressure. Are you up the the job? This game has a number of interactive sequences as well as point and click and hidden object elements. All in all a great detective game! After you've played this interactive detective game why not check out and play our other detective games?

Detective Escape!

Detective Escape Game

You're a female police detective whose work partner was killed whilst carrying out his duties investigating a crime. You've returned to the crime scene and now face the murderer yourself, intent on taking him down.

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Film Noire Game

Film Noire Detective Game

This is a fairly short detective game rendered in film noire style. Its premise is that a goat figurine has gone missing from a recently deceased lawyer and the lawyer's niece, Katharine Ledbetter (better known as Kitty), has hired you to search for it.

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