Murder Case Detective Game

In this murder case detective game you get a phone call from a downtown landlord about a possible homicide in one of his apartments. After talking briefly to the officer who's protecting a possible crime scene, you enter the apartment and find a corpse by the window who appears to have had her throat cut. We're not going to tell you too much about how to solve this murder case, because, as a detective, you've received full training, but make sure you check the body for clues including taking blood samples to establish if the blood on her hands is her own or possibly that of her murder if, indeed, it was murder rather than suicide. Keep an open mind and go where the evidence takes you in this case, rather than trying to find evidence to support your investigation. If you get stuck, there's a video walkthrough below. After you've played this murder case detective game why not head back to the station and play some of our other detective games, especially the other two episodes in this series.

Boston Butcher

Detective Murder Game

The police suspect notorious serial killer the Boston Butcher is at work yet again, and its your job to help the detectives obtain clues, interview witnesses and suspects to obtain enough evidence to successfully include the murder enquiry.

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Dream of Murder

Scene of Crime Game

In this scene of crime game a dead body has been found in the boot of a crashed car and you are sent to investigate what appears to be a murder. All the officer on the scene can tell you is that the car was found abandoned and they were waiting for homicide to arrive to take up the case..

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