Dead Body Game

A dead body has been found, that of Paul Scott. Why is not yet known, but your detective skills may uncover the truth in this atmospheric detective game with some photo-realistic imagery. We won't give too much away but you need to check out the crime scene and interview suspects and possible witnesses to the crime. This dead body game is a bit different from our other online detective games as it's not all point and click, there are sequences where you sit back and watch the action. To start click on the computer and reply to all emails, before you get the phone call about the dead body and get taken to the crime scene. After you've played this dead body game why not check out our other murder mystery detective games?

Dream of Murder

Scene of Crime Game

In this scene of crime game a dead body has been found in the boot of a crashed car and you are sent to investigate what appears to be a murder. All the officer on the scene can tell you is that the car was found abandoned and they were waiting for homicide to arrive to take up the case..

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Masterpiece Murders

In this murder case detective game you get a phone call from a downtown landlord about a possible homicide in one of his apartments. You then enter the apartment and find a corpse by the window.

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