Solve a Murder Game

This is a deeply atmospheric and sophisticated game in which you have to solve a gruesome murder, that of a girl who has been found dead in a beachfront property. You play the role of the crime scene investigating detective who has to find clues as to why the murder was committed and who by. We won't give too much away but remember to check back at the office regularly as the evidence you have supplied gets checked there are and, after analysis, may provide fresh leads to solve the murder. Oh, and talk to people in the game. They may be able to help. After you solve this murder game why not check out and play our other CSI games? If you like the graphics in this game you'll enjoy our scene of crime game below.

Scene of Crime

Scene of Crime Murder Game

A body has been found dead in a bath. Why? How did he die? Was it murder, an accident perhaps? Well, yeah, it was murder, but why? Check out the scene of the crime for clues and establish why the murder happened and who did it.

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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Game

A woman has come home to find her son missing. There's some blood on the floor and its still wet. Strangely there is no sign of a fight in the room, so what's actually happened?

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