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Creepy Murder Game

This creepy murder game is quite cool, but is difficult to start as you have to keep an eye out for very small items, or arrows at the bottom of your screen. Start by clicking on the book then after a while an arrow will appear at the bottom right of your screen. At last, the murder game starts. Don't read any more as the following walkthrough will be a spoiler! Just to get you started, there's a bit of wood near the doorway so click on it to enter the house. There has been a murder so go through the door where the murdered man has been dragged then up the stairs. Click on the bed then follow the arrow out and follow the apparition down the hall. Turn on the lamp, and the rest is up to you, although there's a video walkthrough below if you get stuck! After you've played this creepy murder case detective game why not head back to the station and play some of our other detective games?



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