Lost Person Game

In this lost person game your aunt has gone missing and it's down to you to find her. This is quite a cool game with nicely rendered graphics. After you have read the note on the car seat, you arrive at a building. Go inside and turn the light on, then turn the main power on using the large switch above the desk and go outside and go up the lift. Actually lifts feature quite a lot in this game and there are a number of intruiging puzzles to solve. Unfortunately the person remains lost as the game ends after part one and part two was never made but if you do manage to complete this, you should give yourself a pat on the back. After you've played this lost person game why not check out and play our other online detective and mystery games?

Easter Island Mystery

Easter Island Mystery Game

Little Jimmy Flores has gone missing and his mother believes he's still on Easter Island where he went on a school trip. The school shrugs off any responsibility so his anxious mother contacts you as a private detective to take on the case and locate her son.

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Missing Friend Game

You've arranged to meet up with a friend outside an old abandoned house that local rumour says is haunted. You call out for your friend but she is no where to be found...

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