Online Kidnap Game

This kidnap game starts off well with some beautifully rendered graphics and you rub your hands in glee as you eagerly await solving the case of a young child who has been kidnapped from home. But then the realisation kicks in that it s just another hidden objects game. well, yes-ish! By playing the game you can can rule out suspects and eventually conclude who kidnapped your daughter and demanded a ransom. Now the house looks pretty expensive and you do have a house steward so why is it such a mess? Maybe its a good thing the child has gone so you can keep the place tidier. Anyway after you play this kidnap game why not check out our other detective puzzle games?

Scene of Crime

Scene of Crime Murder Game

A body has been found dead in a bath. Why? How did he die? Was it murder, an accident perhaps? Well, yeah, it was murder, but why? Check out the scene of the crime for clues and establish why the murder happened and who did it.

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Golden Doll Murder

Solve a Murder Game

This is a deeply atmospheric game in which you play the role of the crime scene investigating detective to solve a gruesome murder, that of a girl who has been found dead in a beachfront property.

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