Cyber Crime Game

In this cyber crime game you're part of a detective team attempting to trace a hacker whose attempting to illegally get into your computer systems. Its a point and click detective game and well give you a few clues to start your investigation. Firstly, what does every great detective need? You'll find one of those under the desk! Now the safe box is a bit more tricky, but get colour co-ordinated then work out a way to switch on the screen in the next room. After that you are on your own, but once the screen is on you can start scanning and obtain other clues to help track that that cyber criminal. Good luck detective! After you've played this cyber crime game why not check out our other crime games?

Crime Scene Game

Crime Scene Game

In this crime scene game a loyal company employee has been murdered by colleagues after she exposed them scamming the business. You play the role of a detective and have to search the crime scene for clues to expose those who murdered her.

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Catch a Thief

Catch a Thief Game

In this catch a thief game, there has been a theft and you need to establish which out of the five suspects has committed the crime! Fortunately there were security cameras rolling and now you must review the security tapes and collect evidence to catch the thief.

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