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Masterpiece Murders

Murder Case Detective Game

Set off to solve the mystery of a murder crime downtown that's followed by more murder cases.
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Boston Butcher

Detective Murder Game

In this game help detective Rizzoli track down the notorious serial killer the Boston Butcher.
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Dream of Murder

Scene of Crime Game

In another detective game gather evidence to solve the murder mystery of the dead body found in a car boot.
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Stone Circle Mystery

Stone Circles Mystery Series

An interlinked eight part detective sarting in Victorian London and ending with a paranormal showdown.
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The Miller Estate

Disappearance Game

Undertake an investigation into strange disappearances in New England over a series of four games.
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Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Mystery Games

A collection of Scooby Doo mystery games with awesome graphics to test your detective investigation skills.
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Detective Puzzles

Detective Puzzle Games

Detective puzzles including point and click mysteries, hidden objects games, and spot the differences games.
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Latest Games

Latest Detective Games

Here we showcase all the latest online detective games for you to test out you investigation skills.
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Detective Games Online

Detective Games Online

Here at we have simply the very best detective games online, many with breathtaking graphics, intriguing plots and lots of murder mystery for you to test you detective skills on. Check out scenes of crimes in a series of investigations and expose murderers and other criminal masterminds! As well as detective games we also have detective puzzles, a section for kids and some cool mysteries for you to solve. Enjoy!


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