Stone Circle Game

This Stone Circle game is the second part of an eight game Stone Circle series in which you attempt to unravel the mystery of the Elder Star cult together with the supernatural sceptic Prescott Bridgeman and your father Dr. Gregor MacDermoth. As Ophelia, this part of the game starts as you finish a solo performance at the London Philharmonic Society. There you experience some psychic impressions that will assist you as you attempt to recover a series of mysterious relics scattered across Victorian London. Locate items that help solve the game. When picked up by a character, objects will appear in the inventory, located at the bottom of the game screen as an icon. Full instructions on how to play are contained within the game but, if you get stuck, there's a video walkthrough below. After you play this Stone Circle game why not check out and play the next episodes below?

Arcane Mystery III

Detective Mystery Game

Your investigation into the Elder Star cult continues in this episode III of the Arcane Stone Circle mystery series and your investigation leads to to an old ship which you manage to board without being seen.

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Stone Circles Mystery

Stone Circles Mystery Series

This game is one of an interlinked eight part online mystery detective series that start in Victorian London and end with a paranormal showdown deep in the heart of the mysterious stone circles at Stonehenge. You can play all of them here.

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