Sherlock's Assistant Game

Now we're not quite sure why this game is called Sherlock's Assistant Game not least because Sherlock Holmes died in 1893 at the Reichenbach Falls in the northern Swiss Alps (well, he never actually lived so technically he couldn't die, but you catch our drift.) This hidden objects game send you searching for hidden objects on the beach, in a kids room, a lobby, a bedroom, workshop and bar. Now given that one of the rooms has a Robosapien, which was only released in 2004, 111 years after Holmes's death we can be pretty sure the detective in this game was not Sherlock's assistant and Watson agrees. After you complete this Sherlock Holmes Assistant game, why not check out our other games? Holmes would want you to.

Silver Earring

Crime Scene Investigator Game

In this crime scene investigator game you play the role of a detective attempting to solve the case of the silver earring in which you are presented with five crime scenes.

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Sherlock Holmes Puzzle

Sherlock Holmes Puzzle

This Sherlock Holmes puzzle game is set within the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. where Dr Laurence Carstairs was discovered insane with fear. In this game you must find out who or what pushed the curious archaeologist over the edge.

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