Secret Society Game

Things are now moving a pace down at Miller Estate in the New England town of Duncan Creek. Prescott Bridgeman, Dr. Gregor MacDermoth and his daughter, Ophelia, are trio of paranormal investigators and have split up to explore the estate looking for clues as to a series of strange disappearances. In this secret society game you play the role of Dr. Gregor MacDermoth and explore an old library looking for clues to help solve the mystery. It soon becomes evident that a secret society called the Elder Star, which has religious connections, is somehow involved and, worse still, the secret society appears to have connections with the Other world of beasts and demons. Can you solve this part of the game and move towards a successful conclusion of the case or are you going to die first? If you get stuck, there's a video walkthrough below. After you play this third episode, continue your investigation with the other games in the series below.

Miller Estate I

Disappearance Game

This is Part I of the Miller Estate is a detective mystery series that takes place in the Miller Estate's garden, where the player must find a way into the house. The puzzles in this level involve finding and using objects in the environment to unlock doors and solve other obstacles.

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Miller Estate II

Psychic Powers Game

Part II of the investigation into a series of strange disappearances that are occurring in and around the Miller Estate in New England unleashes your psychic powers during periods of paranormal activity.

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Miller Estate IV

Supernatural Game

Events are drawing to a startling conclusion in Part IV of this detective investigation game in one final deadly confrontation between the paranormal investigators and what appears to be a supernatural beast from another time and place.

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