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Scooby Doo River Rapids Rampage Game

Although not a detective or mystery game in itself, we've included this River Rapids Rampage game as it introduces the Mayan series in which Scooby and Shabby have to solve a range of mysteries. Here they need to escape the Mayan Mayhem by braving rapids, eluding rocks, edges, whirlpools, piranhas, crocodiles and fallen trees. To succeed, your objective is to watch the scenes for valuable clues and collect inventory items to help you overcome obstacles while keeping your coolness until the end of the episode. To play this Scooby Doo game use your arrow keys for movement, your space bar for action, the T key to trade a selected item for the next one in your inventory and P to pause the game. This is part one of a four part mystery adventure with the second episode below. If you get stuck there's a video walkthough below as well.



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