Carnival Mystery Game

Roll up for all the dark fun of the carnival. Actually its not much fun with the noise from the carnival going on outside your bedroom window until the early house every night after it rolled into town. So you decide to get up and challenge the owner who turns out to be a rather shady character called Mr Dark and he has a secret. Can you use your detective skills to reveal it and how will your final confrontation with the mysterious Mr Dark end? Well first of all you need money to get into the carnival so get your wallet from your bedside cabinet then go downstairs for some clothes. We won't tell you much more except that collect a hard to find cookie jar from the laundry room and a code from the lawn outside. After that you're on your own. Just remember the name "Bradley!". After you've played this carnival mystery game, why not check out and play some of our other crime, mystery and detective online games?

Easter Island Mystery

Easter Island Mystery Game

Little Jimmy Flores has gone missing and his mother believes he's still on Easter Island where he went on a school trip. The school shrugs off any responsibility so his anxious mother contacts you as a private detective to take on the case and locate her son.

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The Miller Estate

Disappearance Game

The Miller Estate is a detective mystery series of games that starts off in New England where a number of tenants living on the Miller Estate had disappeared in strange circumstances and you, together with your investigation team, have been brought in to investigate what's happened.

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